high heat kills bed bugs

Special price for Bed Bugs Heat Treatment in Arlington, Texas

Pesticide-based indoor bed bug control methods raise concern over the safety of occupants. Our affordable heat treatment systems offer you the ability to perform bed bug control work without relying on toxic chemical residues. Heat can be used to kill every type of bed bug and their eggs and can also kill bacteria and viruses.

bed bugs heat treatment fort worth texasNO Dedicated Sales People

We are able to offer huge savings over our competitors because we control our overhead by not having to pay a dedicated expensive sales staff.

high heat kills bed bugs in fort worth texasSkilled Technicians

The bed bug heat treatment company has highly trained technicians that bid and treat every service and they are the best at getting rid of bed bugs.

Special Home Price

Up to 1,000 square feet

  • Thermal heat kills all life cycles of bed bugs
  • EPA approved
  • 1 year warranty
  • This price covers homes only

Low Price Guarantee

  • Introductory Offer

    We want to earn your business so this is an introductory offer for you to get to know us and to see first hand how good we are. We will do a great job for you by getting rid of bed bugs and you’ll know that you can trust us to protect your home from any bug infestation. We want to be your pest control company for life.

    *Please contact us for apartment services.